Target’s changes are getting a lot of attention

I was very glad to hear that Target is no longer going to segregate their toys into boys’ toys and girls’ toys. We shop at Target all of the time, and I have kids who buy many of their toys in the boy section. Grace loves all things superheroes and Maya loves Legos. It will be nice to not force them into an aisle basically labeled “not for you.”

I have also found it interesting how much attention this is getting. I am about to do my third interview in two days on this topic. And my “fans” on the internet have loved my interviews. I say this as sarcastically as possible. One person suggested I was assaulting Christianity. Not my intention AT ALL. I just want kids to be able to buy whatever toys they enjoy without being made to feel weird about it. Simple as that.  I just think let’s let “Toys be toys.”

A link to an article in Yahoo! Parenting about Target’s changetarget

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