I am Dr. Christia Brown. This website chronicles how – using good science and a lot of patience – one developmental psychologist tries to raise two real-life, rambunctious individuals in a crazy world.

I am a psychology professor who does research with kids. For more than a decade, I have focused on the truly damaging effects of gender stereotypes on our boys and girls. Life was rosy and great.

The problems started when I actually had kids. Two girls to be exact.

The problem wasn’t that my kids showed how “scientific studies” were wrong and misguided. My knowledge of developmental psychology comes in quite handy. The problem is that the world is crazy. Seriously crazy.

How am I supposed to raise girls (who I want to shield from gender stereotypes) in a world where babies wear bikinis, toddlers wear tiaras, and tweens wear thongs? And how do I do this without erring in the other direction, where I send them to school in burlap sacks with names like Storm?

This is why I need a lot of patience.  And caffeine.

I want to raise kids whose worlds are free of stereotypes, but full of friends (who may themselves be full of stereotypes). I want to pick my battles, based on sound research about what really matters.  I want to be a small voice of reason in my own home and the world at large. This is my attempt….

Feel free to contact me….

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