Girls choose pretty over smart…Argh!!!!

My headache-inducing fact of the day: Researchers interviewed gifted 3rd-6th grade girls. The girls talked about downplaying their intelligence because they wanted to appear pretty. They also didn’t want to look like they were bragging or being competitive by getting good grades. I hope my own gifted 3rd grader never downplays anything. I wish that intelligence and pretty weren’t seen as mutually exclusive.


New Psychology Today post

Check out my newest Psychology Today post. I have been shocked that people are shocked by the Steubenville rape trial. We sexually objectify girls so much in our culture that these situations seem inevitable to me. Don’t believe me? Check out a Hardee’s commercial. Both boys and girls buy into this mindset, one in which girls are dehumanized sexual objects for men’s and boys’ pleasure. That is the first step, rape doesn’t follow far behind. Lots of research studies have long shown this link, we just don’t seem to care enough.