Thursday, April 24, 9:45

Don’t blink or you will miss me, but I will be on Good Day Chicago (WFLD-TV) at 9:45 discussing the book.



March 25, 2013:

I will be speaking at 6:30 at University of Kentucky’s  Davis-Marksbury Building.

My talk will be called Gender on the Brain: The Science Versus the Stereotypes

SUMMARY: Men and women have many notable differences in their abilities and interests. Often, it is assumed that these variations are the result of innate differences in the structure and functioning of boys’ and girls’ brains. Most of these assumptions, however, are based more on stereotypes than neuroscience. We will discuss what science actually shows about gender differences, how to interpret (and misinterpret) the brain science of gender differences, and how boys’ and girls’ different social experiences shape their brain development. We will also explore how the misinterpretation of research on gender has influenced education.


Below: Photo from the talk. Me talking about overlapping distributions with the panelists.


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