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If you are so inclined, here is a list of my scholarly publications. Some are on gender. Some are on ethnicity or immigration. Some are on socioeconomic status. They all have to do with the social groups children belong to, especially the unfairness that comes along with those social groups.  In other words, when I talk about the science of gender stereotypes, I am not pulling it out of thin air. A professor’s version of street cred.

Research and Review Articles 

Leaper, C., Brown, C. S., & Ayres, M. M*.  (in press).  Adolescent girls’ reported coping strategies in response to sexual harassment. Psychology in the Schools.

Aboud, F. E., Tredoux, C., Tropp, L., Brown, C. S., Niens, U., & Noor, N. (2012). Interventions to reduce prejudice and enhance inclusion and respect for ethnic differences in early childhood: A systematic review.  Developmental Review.

Mistry, R. S., Brown, C. S., Chow, K. A.*, & Collins, G. S.  (2012).  Increasing the complexity of young adolescents’ beliefs about poverty and inequality: Results of an 8th grade social studies curriculum intervention.   Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

Brown, C. S. & Chu, H.* (2012).  Discrimination, ethnic identity, and academic outcomes of Mexican immigrant children:  The importance of school context.  Child Development.

Chang, A.*, Sandhofer, C., & Brown, C. S.  (2011).  Gender biases in early number exposure to preschool-aged children.  Journal of Language and Social Psychology.

Leaper, C., Farkas, T.*, & Brown, C. S. (2011). Adolescent girls’ experiences and gender-related beliefs in relation to their self-concepts in math/science and English.  Journal of Youth and Adolescence.

Brown, C. S.  (2011).  Legal issues surrounding single-sex schools: Trends, court cases, and conflicting laws.  Sex Roles: A Journal of Research.

Brown, C. S. (2011).  Elementary school children’s attitudes about immigrants, immigration, and being an American. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 32, 109-117.

Brown, C. S., Alabi, B.*, Hyunh, V.*, & Masten, C.* (2011). Ethnicity and gender in late childhood and early adolescence: Group identity and awareness of bias. Developmental Psychology, 47,463-471.

Brown, C. S., & Leaper, C.  (2010).  Latina and European American girls’ experiences with academic sexism and their self-concepts in mathematics and science during adolescence. Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, 63, 860-870.

Brown, C. S., Bigler, R. S., & Chu, H.*(2010).  An experimental study of the correlates and consequences of perceiving oneself to be the target of gender discrimination.  Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 107, 100-117.

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Turner, K. L.* & Brown, C. S. (2007).  The importance of gender and ethnic identities across individuals and contexts.  Social Development, 16, 700-719.

Pfeifer, J. H.*, Brown, C. S., & Juvonen, J. (2007).  Fifty years since Brown v. Board of Education: Lessons learned about the development and reduction of children’s prejudice.  Social Policy Report, 21 (2).  Peer-reviewed publication of Society for Research in Child Development.

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Bigler, R. S., Brown, C. S., & Markell, M. (2001). When groups are not created equal: Effects of group status on the formation of intergroup attitudes in children.  Child Development, 72, 1151-1162.

Stone, W. S., Ousley, O. Y., Hepburn, S. L., Hogan, K. L., & Brown, C. S. (1999). Patterns of adaptive behavior in very young children with autism. American Journal on Mental Retardation, 104, 187-199.

Book Chapters

Brown, C. S. & Chu, H.* (in press).  Gendered conceptions of ethnicity: Latino children in middle childhood.  In S. S. Chuang & C. Tamis-LeMonda (Eds.) Gender Roles and Relationships in Immigrant Families.  Springer.

Aboud, F. E., & Brown, C. S. (in press).  Positive and negative intergroup contact among children and its effect on attitudes.  In G. Hodson & M. R. C. Hewstone (Eds.) Intergroup Contact.

Sears, D. O. & Brown, C. S. (in press). The development of political behavior.  In  L. Huddy, D. Sears, & J. Levy (Eds.) Oxford Handbook of Political Psychology.  New York: Oxford University Press.

Brown, C. S. (2011).  Maximizing success in your graduate training. In P. Giordano, S. Davis, & C. Licht (Eds).  Your Graduate Training in Psychology: Suggestions for Success. Sage Publications.

Brown, C. S.  (2011)Anti-Bias Education.  Encyclopedia of Peace Psychology.  Malden, MA:  Wiley-Blackwell Publishing.

Brown, C. S. (2009).  Negotiating the application and interview process.  In S. F. Davis, P. J. Giordano, & C. A. Licht (Eds.) Your Career in Psychology: Putting Your Graduate Degree to Work.  Malden, MA:  Wiley Blackwell.

Brown, C. S. (2007).  Children’s perceptions of racial and ethnic discrimination: Differences across children and contexts. In  S. M. Quintana & C. McKown (Eds.) The Handbook of Race, Racism, and the Developing Child.  Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Other Publications 

Brown, C. S. (2011). Discrimination.  In Heather Montgomery (Ed.) Oxford Bibliographies Online: Childhood Studies. New York: Oxford University Press. URL.

Brown, C. S.  (2007).  It’s not easy being a girl in a man’s world: The daily experience of sexual harassment for adolescent girls.  Newsletter for the UCLA Center for Study of Women, May.  Available:

My other, more difficult but enjoyable creations:


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Is Guns for Girls what gender equality really means?

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Gender Differences: The Science versus the Stereotypes

Here is my talk I gave as part of a series at UK called “What’s New in Science.” It was geared toward middle and high school students and students, as well as parents. The punch line is that most of what we think are innate gender differences are really not. I decided my goal in… Read More

The argument with your spouse isn’t worth it

A new study shows that marital conflict is a significant source of physiological stress for children. When kids witness their parents argue, their body’s stress response is affected (specifically, their parasympathetic nervous system). This makes it harder for them to pay attention, solve problems, and learn new information. Take home message: Kids who witness their parents… Read More

Happy Wife, Happy Life isn’t so hard after all

A new study in Journal of Family Issues highlights another way gender stereotypes screw us up. The researchers were looking at what predicted happy marriages (in straight couples). It seems having a wife who is happy with the marriage makes everyone happier. That old saying “happy wife, happy life” seems to be true for men.… Read More

Ode to Billie Jean, and thanks to 40 years of girls in cleats

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